Sunday, 29 June 2014

Accessories Update - Part I

It looks like the listings hiatus is definitely over as I spent a couple of hours this afternoon back out in the yard, dodging clouds and taking shop photos for a big accessories update. Here are some of the new pieces and I'll be posting details of the rest tomorrow!

1970s dark brown leather belt
1980s oversized amber necklace
Vintage bronze leaf chain necklace
1970s terracotta wooden necklace

Monday, 23 June 2014

70s wrap skirts

1970s Indian cotton wrap skirt
 I am coming out of my listings hibernation to post pictures of these beautiful 1970s wrap skirts, which I have just listed in the shop. I was so pleased when I found these two. They are just the right kind of skirt for summer - airy cotton and very easy to wear!  Things seem to have eased up a little bit so I'm hoping the listings hiatus is over. It was very nice to be back out in the yard with the sun shining while I took these pictures.

1970s hand-printed wrap skirt
Close-up of the hand-printed fabric - so pretty!